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Becoming a Patriot

Our goal at PBC is to provide opportunities for youth basketball players to learn the skills that will allow them to maximize their potential, create a coaching network that will ensure player development, and create a community that encourages and supports youth sports.

Player Development

Our mission is to prepare players for the next level of their basketball careers while also teaching them life lessons that will lead to success off the court as well. We teach players skills for basketball, skills for life, skills for success. ​Learn More

Coach Development

At PBC we have a network of varsity staff through beginners that work together to help develop our players. They are given access to coaching clinics, playbooks, and camps to help continue mastering their craft. PBC coaches have the flexibility to implement the needs to their team as see fit.

Community Focus

We work with a support network of schools and companies to become a greater Patriot family! We strive to ensure that our players are both giving and receiving the support they need to be successful! Come join the team and help give back to the community.

Millard South 4 Day Camp
Huddle Millard South Patriots Basketball

One Family

Millard South Boys Basketball

Take a second to visit our boys basketball teams website! Here you can see staff, statistics, and upcoming schedules. Stay up to date and never miss a game!  

Bernie 3 Pointer Millard South

Training Library

The Factory Logo

Team Factory Skills Session

Mike Mackie

MS Patriots Logo PNG_edited

PBC Skills 1 Hr Session

Tim Leuschen

MS Patriots Logo PNG_edited

PBC Remote Skills Session

Tim Leuschen

MS Patriots Logo PNG_edited

PBC Ball Handling 3rd-5th

Tim Leuschen




Patriots Past and Present

Patriot Basketball Club Camp Omaha Millard South Boys Hoop Skill Shoot Team Nebraska
"I love being a Patriot and I cant wait until I am playing at Millard South."

Matthew "McBuckets" Brunmeier, Guard 4th Grade Blue

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